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"She appeared on my TV cable show at the request of my co-host. She was very knowledgeable about several psychic fields and I feel that she makes this work more than her profession as she brings to it a great deal of caring with her knowledge acquired over several years."
-June F.

"..., my daughter, Leslie, and I have counted on Lai for guidance. She has taken calls from my daughter at some very unusual hours of the day and night to help guide Leslie to do the right things and to help her frame her problems in such a way as to empower her. Lai has always given her best to us, and we are so grateful to have her in our lives."
-Gayle D.

"We have health fairs at the company I work for once per month and have invited Lai to participate in our fairs to do readings for our employees. She is very popular here and is kept busy the entire day as well as into a couple of hours after the fair ends."
-Marianne B. M.

"You are incredible!! Thank you so much for your guidance through this home selling process. It has proven itself helpful! Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart!"
-Mary Lou

"Thanks for your support in my sale of Beth's house."
-Pam L.

"I have been using Lai as our family psychic for over two years. She is reliable and her information is always trustworthy and helpful. I have recommended Lai to many of my family members and friends. I fact, on my Mother's side of the family, we call her our 'family psychic'."
-Christine S.

"Thank you so much for your wonderful advise. I am so happy that the gods and goddesses brought you into my life."
-Robin G.

"Thank you. For the very enlightened consultation we had a few weeks ago. It was truly a remarkable experience for me. You certainly have a gift and I am glad you share it with us."
-Valerie B.

"I have had several readings, over the past couple years, and Lai has always amazed me with her psychic abilities. She has told me several things that were going on in my life and told me of things that have happened that she would have no way of knowing. I recomend her work on the highest level."
-Phillip T.

"She is both very professional and accurate in her work. It is almost uncanny, how close her predictions are to what actually happens! She can be trusted with confidences and gives constructive advice."
-Barbara and Marina

"I really appreciate the reading you gave me at the fair and I certainly will recommend you to friend!"
-Joanne S.

"I know Lai since 1993. I have asked for her clairvoyance advice that has been given to me with good paedagogic sense, irreproachable ethics and impressive perspicacity."
-Patrick B. Switzerland

"Clearly you made a big hit with everyone!"
-Kathleen M.

"Lai est une grande voyante simple et gentille sa voyante est juste, tout ce qu'elle ma prédit est arriver la ferme ma vocation et plus encore,j'ai beaucoup de chance de la connaître,je l'ai connue en Suisse. Les personnes qui a ou qui vont la connaître irons très loin dans leur vie. Cette une personne de confiance, je la recommande vivement."
-Michelle G, Switzerland

"Queria agradecer-lhe todo o acompanhamento e apoio que me deu durante o Meu período de problemas. Sei que todos os seus métodos de advinhação me ajudaram imenso e tneho recomendado o seu nome a muitas amigas minhas Portuguesas."
-Ana L, Portugal

"Par ce mot j'aimerai vous recommander la Voyante Lai En effet elle a toujours su me repondre a toutes mes questions et m'a toujours etonnée pour la justesse de ces predictions. Je tiens à signaler que cette personne ne m'a jamais vu en vrai et que nos echanges se passent par telephonne ce qui rend la performance d'autant plus extraordinaire!"
-Marie P, Switzerland

"Vous m'avez redonné espoir quand je n'en avais plus. De plus vous m'avez dis des choses que vous ne pouviez pas savoir et c'était stupéfiant, vu en plus que vous ne m'aviez jamais vu!! Vos prévisions se sont réalisées et vos vues du futur étaient très juste. Je pense qu'il y a peu de personnes au monde qui ont ce don."
-Barbara J, Switzerland

"Quero apenas agradecer do fundo do meu coração toda a ajuda que me deu ao deitar as cartas."
-Paula M, Portugal

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